Felix Airways inagurates its first flight to Ataq airport.
(by: yemen observer - 06.06.2009)

Minister of transport Khalid Ibraheem Al-Wazir and Shabwah Governor Dr. Ali Hassan Al-Ahmadi, inaugurated the first Felix Airways flight to Ataq airport, which coincided Yemeni celebrations of the 19th Unity day.
At the celebration held at Ataq airport, the Transport Minister said that the inauguration of flights to Ataq airport comes as an implementation of the President’s electoral program which aims at developing the transport sector in order to connect all of Yemen with a network for the facilitation of the citizens’ movement, environmental tourism and transport. He turned attention to the importance of the inauguration of air activity at Ataq airport for developmental, economic, and tourist activities. The Governor of Shabwah expressed delight over the inauguration of the first commercial flight by this governorate’s people and its role in increasing commercial activity and investment.
He stressed the importance of connecting Ataq airport with other regional airports, and asked for the assignment of special flights to neighboring countries as well.

Al-Ahmadi pointed to the airport’s infrastructure, enabling it to receive all kinds of aircrafts.
On the other hand, Felix Airways Executive Officer Engineer Mohammed Abudllah Al-Arasha said that the inauguration ofAtaq’s destination comes as an execution of the company’s operational plan, which aims to connect all Yemeni governments.
He added that the new line includes two weekly direct flights to Sana’a on Saturday and Tuesday, connecting Shabwah withal governorates and facilitating the increased transport activity between these destinations.

He commended the government’s efforts, for the timely finishing if the construction projects at Ataq airport, for receiving the flights which facilitated transport and tourism, for announcing that the company is seeking to increase their fleet of aircraft in order to be able to launch flights to different countries’ airports, and for establishing a direct route between Ataq and the neighboring countries’ airports, ensuring that Felix Airways success in transporting over 112,000 passengers.
 He added that recent Felix expansion included three regional destinations, Salalah, Sharjah and Djibouti, pointing out that they will shortly launch flights to Saudi Arabia, Sharm Eshiekh and Alexandria in Egypt.

The Shabwah Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s Chairman, Salem Awadh Sinan, commended Felix’s inauguration of their first flight to Ataq, Saying that it is an indicator of the government’s interests in Shabwah governorate’s development, saying that the inauguration will open new investment and commercial activity exchanges, which will create development activates at the governorate’s level.

During the celebration, there were a number of poems and popular dances performed, which showed the satisfaction of the citizens with the launching of the flight.
In a statement to the Yemen Observer, The Governor of Shabwah said that the airport is rehabilitated after it closed for a number of years. A wall has been built around it as well as a main gate, to prepare to receive local and Arab flights.


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