Felix Airways a Limited Liability Company was established in 2007 as the Second National Carrier of Yemen to meet the growing need for faster means of transportation of the Yemeni population to commute domestically and travel to regional destinations.

Felix Airways was incorporated under the Laws of Republic of Yemen, having Commercial Register No. 792 and Air Operator Certificate (AOC No. 3). The registered offices of Felix Airways are available in the cities of Sana’a and Aden of Yemen.

The ever growing needs of transportation were effectively met by Felix Airways by providing safe, secure and affordable means of Air transportation. Felix Airways fleet consist of two Bombardier CRJ700 and two CRJ200.

Since start-up Felix Airways is operating into nine Domestic destinations in Yemen.

  • Sana’a (SAH)
  • Aden (ADE)
  • Socotra(SCT)
  • Mukalla / Riyan(RIY)
  • Seiyun(GXF)
  • Hodeida (HOD)
  • Taiz (TAI)
  • Al Ghaydah(AAY)
  • Atak (AXK)

The following regional destinations were operated by Felix Airways:

  • Riyadh (RUH) – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • Jeddah (JED) – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • Dammam (DMM) – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • Abha (AHB)– Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • Medina (MED)– Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • Djibouti (JIB) – Republic of Djibouti
  • Sharjah (SHJ) – United Arab Emirates
  • Bahrain (BAH) – Kingdom of Bahrain
  • Salalah (SLL) – Sultanate of Oman

Felix has successfully operated charter flights for world renowned clientele such as Total – Yemen Oil Company, International NGO’s, International banks, Yemen government and various regional governments and private charters. Felix Airway has operated charter flight to major European destination. Felix Airway operated charter flights for the National football teams participating in prestigious GULF20 football tournament held in Yemen.

By providing viable air transportation, Felix Airways has largely contributed to the economic development of Republic of Yemen by stimulating business development in the remotest parts of Yemen. Felix Airways have woven into the fabric of the Yemeni society, where Felix Airways had become the chosen mode of transportation for Yemenis and expats alike.

Felix Airways strictly follows highest Quality standards as prescribed by aviation industry and has achieved an record of accident free operation since its inception. Felix Airways is subjected to stringent internal Quality Audit program and the external audit conducted by Yemen Civil Aviation and the Civil Aviation authorities of Felix Airways regional destinations. Felix Airways had successfully complied and passed TOTAL Oil Company Audit requirements and has continuously operated charter flight for TOTAL Oil Company for a period of one year. Felix Airways provides seamless customer support and ensure that its passengers enjoy the highest satisfaction during their travel with Felix Airways. 

Since 2016 the pressing demand prompted Felix Airways to expand itself from Domestic, Regional service provider to Domestic, Regional and international service provider. Felix Airways has extended its operations to Khartoum and are fast expanding to various international destinations. For the purposes of the additional requirement Felix Airway has chosen the B737 type aircraft, which has proved to be the safest aircraft ever produced by Boeing.

Await the exciting expansion plan of Felix Airways!!

Happy to Serve!!