General Information on Felix Airways:

- You need an ID that matches with your name on the booking list.
- As Felix is ticket-less, you should remember your booking number or better bring with you the itinerary receipt issued upon payment.
- It is wise to be present at least 90 minutes before departure.
- Due to limited space please insure that you have 1 handbag weighing less than 5kgs.
- The free baggage allowance is 1 piece weighing less than 10kgs.
- For further information please call 01 565656 between 8a.m. and 8p.m.
There are 6 fares. The 1st and 2nd fares are sold outside Yemen and the other 4 fares are sold for residents in Yemen. The earlier you book, the cheaper the fare will be.
Prices will be displayed along with other flight information when you conduct a flight search in our website.
Absolutely. Felix Airways are safety and maintenance standards comply with strict international standards. Our planes are maintained according to strict repair and maintenance program according to international standards.
All our aircraft have been specially modified to accommodate one class of seating: Our new aircrafts can accommodate 72 passengers.
You can contact/email us at marketing@felixairways.comfor further information regarding advertising

Booking Queries:

You can make your flight booking by the following methods: a. Buy a seat online at b. Call Felix Airways Call-Center in Sana'a at +9671 565656 or email c. At all airport stations – there is Felix Sales Office d. At selected Travel Agents e. Soon you can buy a seat at post-offices in Yemen and using SMS gateway once your payment has been made, you will be issued a Booking Number and a Flight Itinerary together with conditions of the fare. As an option we can email you the flight itinerary and the booking number.
You can phone or email us at our Call Centre and pay with your credit card. Make your booking and get a Booking Number. For cash payment, you can go to any travel agent or Felix airport sales offices. Please remember to bring an ID or your passport for check-in purposes.
No. at present Felix Airways is a ticket less airline. We are able to offer you a better fare for our service!
Yes, all our transactions are secured using SSL certifications (Secure socket layer) and encrypted using 128bit algorithms.
Yes and NO. If you buy fare no. 1 [ booking H class ] you can change reservation without a fee. If you buy fare no. 2,3 [ booking E –D class ] you can change but a fee of US dollar 10 for E class and 15 USD for D class is imposed per sector and per passenger . Fares no. 4,5 and 6 [ booking C , B and A class ] are valid only for flight booked. Changes are not permitted.
NO. At present Felix Air is a ticket less airline and all flights are point-to-point.
NO. Felix operates on a point-to-point basis and is not held responsible.
The itinerary or booking slip has the details including the fare paid. If you use the website or purchase from a travel agent it will printed for you. You can contact the call center to email you the travel itinerary, which is considered a receipt.
Live animal in cargo is not accepted. But a pet can be carried in cabin and the fee is US dollar 2 per kg. Advance arrangement is required and you have to contact Felix call-center +9671 565656 or email

Check-In queries:

You can check-in at the airport counter which opens 2 hours prior departure time. The counters close 45 minutes before scheduled departure time. Late arrivals will not be accepted for check-in once the counter is closed.
No, we do not provide any drinks or food for free. The cost of ticketing, in-flight meals and frequent flyer schemes are omitted from your fares so that you need not pay any more than is necessary for the flights. We do however sell soft drinks and snacks onboard at reasonable prices.
Felix pre-assigns seats for families, groups etc. You can select a seat in advance , the call-center will help you . But during check-in seats are selected on first come first serve basis.
Those who purchased fare no. 1 [ H class ] can book on another flight or request a refund . Fare no. 2 [ E class ] has to pay a fee of US dollar 15 per segment and per passenger. Fare no. 3 [ D class ] has to pay a fee of US dollar 15 per segment and per passenger. The other three classes [ A, B, and C class ] the seats are non-refundable and a new booking is not permitted. You must be Present at the boarding gate no later than 45 minutes prior to departure.