This page will provide information regarding check in procedures.



Step 1 :

Airport Procedure:

The passengers should be arrival at the airport before 3 hours prior to the departure time and the baggage will need to be checked at the security checkpoint, There may be long lines depending on the airport and time of day, so please proceed to the security checkpoint with adequate time to spare.


Step 2

Check-in Counter:

Felix Airways has a deadline for passengers to check-in before each flight. Our counter will be closed one-hourprior departure of the flight,passenger arriving late at the check in counter will be not able to check in and will miss the flight.

Items needed for check-in counter check-in:

Valid and original passport of the traveler passenger (when traveling internationally)
Paper ticket. (Recommended)
Valid visa (If International flight)Upon completion of thetravel documents and baggage check-in, the passenger will be receive the boarding card.
Boarding Card is authorizes the passenger access the immigration, enable the passenger to board the aircraft. Flight number, seat number, gate of the departure, time of departure and arrival time at destination are generally mention in the boarding card.
In case the passenger losses the boarding card, the same should be immediately reported by the passenger to the airport security or Felix Airways representative. Passenger will not be allowed to proceed and further without the boarding card.


Step 3:


The passenger must present your travel documents to Immigration officer to complete this step.


Step 4

Boarding :

After completion immigration procedure the passenger should bewait at the terminal until the boarding is commence. Felix Airways staff will announce the start of boarding and they will guide the passenger until the boarding is completed.


Step 5 :

Onboard :

Passenger Seat Number / Carry-on Bags:
The flight attendant will guide the passengers to their seat as per the seat number mentioned in the boarding card.
When the passenger has located their seat, look for available space in the overhead bins for their carry bagged. This isn’t always the easiest task, so turn to a flight attendant for assistance in placing the bagged if necessary. The passenger should be seated in the assigned seat.
The flight attendant will start the safety demonstration which the passenger should pay utmost attention.
The briefing includes safety instruction, Emergency procedures and prohibit things for the passenger during the flight.